Experimental Farm

Lantmännen Agro Experimental Farm has now operated as an active developer in Finnish agriculture and food production since 1963. Over the decades, the emphasis has been on research and development as well as on education, following the trends and needs of the times.

The research and experimental activities of the Lantmännen Agro Experimental Farm constitute a responsible contribution to the Finnish food chain. Experiences obtained from practical farming, coupled with professional expertise, create a basis for reliable data. Research conducted in local conditions provides the best knowledge of the suitability of plant varieties and successful cultivation techniques in Finnish conditions.

The farm conducts mainly research for Lantmännen Agro but acts also as a test location for Finnish Official Cariety Trials. Co-operation with plant breeding companies Lantmännen SW Seed AB and Graminor As among all, and together with pesticide companies BASF, Bayer Corp Science and fertilizer supplier Yara.

Cooperation with Finnish and international operators has been close and confidential. Interactive development activities have earned us a significant position in the development of the food chain, with a number of achievements reflecting different times and needs.

Experimental farm is located in shouthern Finland about 130 kilometers north from Helsinki. The number of personnel  is around ten including Research Scientist. Good Experimental Practice (GEP) was taken into practice in efficacy trials. The farm received GEP certificate January 2013.

Our modern cereal laboratory, wich belongs to the Finnish calibration network of cereal laboratories validated by EVIRA, enables the crop yield quality analysis in-house. The number of different kind of analysis conducted in year 2017 is 6000. The highest seed classes of varieties represented by Lantmännen Agro were produced in the Farm. The acreage in agricultural use was totally 74 ha, in which 7ha was in trial use.